Water has a vital role in our daily life .Since water is that much essential to us everybody should be conscious about the quality of water. Marwa offers clients seamless flow of high quality drinking water with our state of the art technology implemented in our production plants which results in high quality water that replicate clean, fresh taste of natural springs.

We adopt the most modern technology like Reverse Osmosis with American Membrane Technology. The dual disinfection method makes sure that “Marwa” is 100% away from all kinds of micro organisms. We can assure you that “Marwa water” is chemically balanced and 100% free from all kinds harmful bacteria.
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Marwa International
P :Box No. 16814
Doha Qatar.

Phone : 33836223, 44164161, 4416412

What’s aap :- 50166677

Fax : 44164163

Email : info@marwawaters.com
Email : sales@marwawater.com
Website: www.marwawaters.com
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